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Able Home Healthcare, Inc.

Access Home Health of Florida, LLC

Accredited Home Health Care of Broward, Inc. (FL)

Alexander Infusion, LLC

Amazing Home Health Care, Inc. (FL)

American Homecare Management Corp.

Amicus Medical Center LLC

Amicus Medical Group, Inc.

Amicus Medical Services Organization, LLC

Apline Home Health Care, LLC

Asian American Home Care, Inc.

BWB Sunbelt Home Health Services, LLC

California Hospice, LLC

Capital Care Resources of South Carolina, LLC

Capital Care Resources, LLC

Care Hope Home Health Agency, Inc. (FL)

CenterWell Accountable Care, LLC

CenterWell Care Solutions, Inc.

CenterWell Certified Healthcare Corp.

CenterWell Health Services (Certified), Inc.

CenterWell Health Services, Inc.

CenterWell Health Services of New York, Inc.

CenterWell Health Services (USA), LLC.

CenterWell Pharmacy, Inc.

CenterWell Senior Primary Care (FL), Inc.

CenterWell Senior Primary Care (AL), P.L.L.C.

CenterWell Senior Primary Care (AZ) CS P.C.

CenterWell Senior Primary Care (IN), P.C.

CenterWell Senior Primary Care (MS), P.C.

CenterWell Senior Primary Care (NC) JV, P.C.

CenterWell Senior Primary Care (VA), P.C.

Chattahoochee Valley Home Care Service, LLC

Chattahoochee Valley Home Health, LLC

CHMG of Atlanta, LLC

CHMG of Griffin, LLC

Conviva Care Solutions II, LLC

Conviva Care Solutions, LLC

Conviva Health Mangement, LLC

Conviva Health MSO of Texas, Inc.

Conviva Physician Group, LLC

Conviva Specialty, LLC

Corpus Christi Homecare, Inc. (TX)

Eastern Carolina Home Health Agency, LLC

Elite Health Primary Care, LLC

Enclara Pharmacia

First Home Health, Inc.

Focus Care Health Resources, Inc.

Georgia Hospice, LLC

Gilbert's Home Health Agency, Inc.

Harden Clinical Services, LLC

Harden Healthcare, LLC

Harden Home Health, LLC

Harden Hospice, LLC

Hawkeye Health Services, Inc.

Healthfield Home Health, LLC

Healthfield of Southwest Georgia, LLC

Healthfield of Statesboro, LLC

Healthfield of Tennessee, LLC

Healthfield, LLC

HHS Healthcare Corp.

Home Health Care Affiliates of Central Mississippi, LLC

Home Health Care Affiliates of Mississippi, Inc.

Home Health Care Affilliates, Inc.

Home Health Care of Carteret County, LLC

Home Health of Rural Texas, Inc.

Home Health Services, Inc.

Horizon Health Care Services, Inc.

Hospice Pharmacy Solutions, LLC

Integracare Home Health Services, Inc.

Integracare of Albany, LLC

Integracare of Athens Home Health, LLC

Integracare of Olney Home Health, LLC

Integracare of Texas, LLC

Integracare of West Texas - Home Health, LLC

Integracare of Wichita Falls, LLC

KAH Development 10, LLC

KAH Development 12, LLC

KAH Development 14, LLC

KAH Development 4, LLC

KND Development 50, LLC

Lighthouse Hospice - Metroplex, LLC

Lighthouse Hospice - San Antonio, LLC

Med-Tech Services of Dade, Inc.

Med-Tech Services of Palm Beach, Inc.

Med-Tech Services of South Florida, Inc.

METCARE of Florida, Inc.

Mid-South Home Health Agency, LLC

Mid-south Home Health of Gadsden, LLC

Mid-South Home Health, LLC

Missouri Home Care of Rolla, Inc.

New York Healthcare Services, Inc.

Nursing Care - Home Health Agency, Inc.

On the Way Home Care, Inc. (FL)

One HomeCare Solutions, LLC (FL)

One Infusion Pharmacy NC, LLC (DE)

One Infusion Pharmacy Texas, LLC (DE)

One Infusion Pharmacy VA, LLC (DE)

One Infusion Pharmacy, LLC

One Nursing Care, LLC (FL)

Outreach Health Services of North Texas, LLC

PF Development 15, LLC

PF Development 16, LLC

PF Development 5, LLC

PF Development 7, LLC

PHHC Acquisition Corp.

Professional Healthcare at Home, LLC

Professional Healthcare, LLC

QC-Medi New York, Inc.

Quality Care - USA, Inc.

Senior Home Care, Inc.

South Florida Cardiology Associates, LLC.

Southern Nevada Home Health Care, Inc.

Synergy Home Care-Acadiana Region, Inc.

Synergy Home Care-Capitol Region, Inc.

Synergy Home Care-Central Region, Inc.

Synergy Home Care-Northeastern Region, Inc.

Synergy Home Care-Northshore Region, Inc.

Synergy Home Care-Northwestern Region, Inc.

Synergy Home Care-Southeastern Region, Inc.

TAR Heel Health Care Services, LLC

Total Care Home Health of Louisburg, LLC

Total Care Home Health of North Carolina, LLC

Total Care Home Health of South Carolina, LLC

Trilogy Home Healthcare

Van Winkle Home Health Care, Inc.

Vernon Home Health Care Agency, LLC

Voyager Home Health, Inc.

Voyager Hospicecare, Inc.

Wake Forest Baptist Health Care at Home, LLC


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